Bobcat M Series Mini Excavators

September 28, 2010

Bobcat extends its M-Series mini excavators (inaugurated with the E80 at World of Concrete) with the 3-metric-ton E32 and the 4-metric-ton zero-tail-swing E35. Both are powered by 33.3-horsepower diesels and dig 10 feet 2 inches deep. The new mini excavators are completely re-engineered to reduce weight. A new load-sensing piston pump and closed center-valve system is said to not only deliver smoother function control, but also increase arm breakout force by 10 percent over heavier models they replace. Auto-Shift travel takes the machines out of high range and back automatically, delivering a power boost on demand, and the E35 offers an optional angle blade (with bolt-on replaceable cutting edge) that provides simultaneous up/down and angle adjustment. Bobcat cleared the cab floor with folding travel pedals and by moving the boom-swing pedal from the floor to a thumb switch on the left joystick. Seat armrests are now adjustable. Overall sound levels have been reduced by more than 50 percent.