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Four new hydrostatic, four-wheel-drive compact tractors -- 38-horsepower CT335, 41-horsepower CT440, 45-horsepower CT445, and 50-horsepower CT450 -- expand the large end of Bobcat’s new lineup to nine models.

October 01, 2008

Bobcat compact tractor with loaderFour new hydrostatic, four-wheel-drive compact utility tractors expand the large end of Bobcat’s new lineup to nine models. The CT335 has a 38-horsepower diesel and front-loader rated operating capacity (ROC), with counterweight, of 1,650 pounds. Three-point lift capacity is 2,475 pounds. The CT440, CT445, and CT450 all have front-loader ROC of 2,600 pounds and three-point lift capacity of 2,625 pounds, but they come powered by 41-horsepower, 45-horsepower, and 50-horsepower diesels, respectively. The Bob-Tach quick-attachment mounting system is now available on the optional front loader of all nine models. Currently, a bucket and pallet forks are available for use on the loader.

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Bobcat’s first R-Series excavators are the E32 and E35, two units in the 3- to 4-ton size class.

The V519 telehandlers has a two-stage boom that reaches to 10 feet 3 inches with a maximum load at reach of 2,205 pounds.

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