The Wonderful World of Wireless

The Wonderful World of Wireless

March 21, 2012

There’s no question that wireless technologies are going to be a big part of every construction site in the near future. You just can’t ignore the advantages. Look at how much you depend on that smart wireless device you are carrying right now... voice, data, instant communication with anyone anywhere. Imagine that... embedded in every machine, controller and system on your job sites.

In the heavy civil construction environment, wireless can provide an inexpensive way to share data, get updates, track progress, track vehicles, and allow continuous communication between all decision makers. Which should reduce costs, improve productivity, and reduce errors and re-work.

Here are a couple of examples of how wireless is already being used on the job site:

Internet base stations (IBSS) leveraging wireless connectivity make it easier and more economical to use GNSS-based positioning systems on the construction site. An Internet base station extends the range of base station correction sources and is more reliable than using standard radio communications, which can be subject to range limitations, line-of-site and black spots. It also increases jobsite flexibility, improves coverage and reduces the time needed to get new job sites up and running.

• With wireless communication tools built into site positioning and grade control systems, crews can be working with real-time data, not waiting on phoned-in or hand delivered updates. And, with all files in the field being current, costly mistakes and duplicated efforts are much less likely to happen. There’s less confusion and less rework. And much less driving out to sites from the office.

• Another very useful application for wireless is in asset tracking and management systems that tell you where your assets are, if they are being used or not, what their health is, when maintenance is scheduled and how much fuel they are using. These systems have been around for years, but now some of them are being expanded to deliver detailed productivity information such as compaction and volume information, cycle times and load counts  that can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of all your machines.

At Trimble, we are already including wireless capabilities in virtually all of our systems, under our Trimble Connected Site™ strategy. Other companies are starting to do the same. If you’d like to learn more about wireless applications on the job site, just contact your construction technology dealer.

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