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Get Ready

January 23, 2012

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One of the challenges during the early days of machine control development was designing products that could be easily installed and would work on virtually any machine make and model. The complexity of this was tremendous because in many cases the systems had to be modified for each machine type and model – hydraulics, electrical, power, steering, etc. – and seamlessly integrated into the new control systems.

When it came to applying the products to machines, it was hard to maintain a high level of engineering and integration, since each machine type required a “kit” of special brackets and cables and plugs just to mount the components. The integration with the hydraulics and valves wasn’t as seamless as the engineers would have liked. Plus, it could take 2 or 3 days for the installation... and no one likes a machine to be out of commission for that long.

To address this, Trimble engineers work with each of the major heavy equipment manufacturers to create a program called Trimble Ready™... an initiative to raise installation quality, optimize system performance, reduce final installation time and improve the operator experience. Basically, the program has helped manufacturers deliver “pre-plumbed” machines to the equipment dealer ready for grade control system installation without welding, drilling, painting or any significant disassembly required. So, whenever customers decided to add grade control to machines, they could be assured of quick installation and integrated performance.

Needless to say, the program has been a big success. Installation time has been reduced to less than half a day in most cases, and can be accomplished with simple hand-tools. Customers can easily move systems between machine makes and even machine types, upgrade systems from 2D to 3D, and re-configure systems from total stations to GPS or GNSS. Since it’s a designed solution rather than field fabricated, system performance and reliability have been enhanced.

The other technology companies have followed suit, and today most heavy equipment manufacturers have programs with one or more of the technology companies. These manufacturers all have Trimble Ready programs:





Case New Holland




... with more in the works.

Ask your heavy equipment dealer today about Trimble Ready machines.


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