The Benefits of Being a Fleet Master

The Benefits of Being a Fleet Master

August 9, 2013

For 10 years, Construction Equipment and AEMP have successfully teamed up to recognize excellence in fleet asset management with the Fleet Masters Awards program.

Manatee County Fleet Services, one of the 2013 winners, is led by Mike Brennan, CEM. Mike says he considers the Fleet Master Award not only as recognition by his peers of his department’s excellence, but also as validation within his organization that fleet services matters.

Mike proudly displays his two Fleet Masters trophies in the front area of Fleet Services, where visitors, county employees, and county citizens and taxpayers can see it. Mike’s example is quite a statement as to the benefit of winning a Fleet Masters Award.

Recognition goes a long way toward rewarding performance, too. External recognition encourages the entire team and solidifies the mission of working together to keep a fleet operating well.

This year, we’re announcing some improvements to the Award.

First, we will expand recognition to include three fleets, based on estimated fleet replacement value (ERV). Fleet Masters Awards will be given to a fleet with less than $10 million ERV, a fleet with ERV between $10 million and $100 million, and one whose ERV is greater than $100 million.

Second, we’ve adjusted the application process, opening it earlier so teams can gather the information needed to enter. With a deadline of December 15, applicants can have several weeks to prepare their application. Don’t delay; we ask for information in five important management areas: finance, information management, policies, controls, and customer service.

Finally, we’ve added a prize package. AEMP will give the winning organizations a one-year premier group membership, for up to 10 people, which will provide winning organizations access to education and networking opportunities. This is valued at more than $1,000, but the return is far greater. The opportunities that the winning team can take advantage of that year will pay off for years after.

AEMP will also give one member of each winning team a complimentary registration to the 2014 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas. The Awards will be presented during that meeting in March.