Bill For Infrastructure Job Training Reintroduced

May 20, 2019
Shot from above of buildings and an intersecting urban streets.

CBS 19 reports that Senators Tim Kaine (D-MN) and Rob Portman (R-OH) have reintroduced the Building U.S. Infrastructure by Leveraging Demands for Skills Act, aiming to ensure workers are well-trained for infrastructure jobs in fields like construction.

According to the article, the bill would promote sector partnership between local businesses and industry organizations, workforce boards, labor reps, and education and training providers. It would also urge businesses to work with the greater community to created on-the-job training programs.

"It's critical that we rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, but in order to do that, we need a skilled workforce," Kaine told CBS. "This bill will help workers get the training they need to succeed and take on the good-paying jobs in critical infrastructure industries like transportation and IT."

According to a study by Georgetown University Center of Education and the Workforce, an estimated $1 trillion investment in infrastructure could create up to 11 million new jobs.

Source: CBS 19