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Bergkamp M310CS Slurry Machine

The M310CS truck-mounted slurry seal and micro-surfacing paver has PTO-driven hydraulic pumps

February 14, 2017

The M310CS truck-mounted slurry seal and micro-surfacing paver has PTO-driven hydraulic pumps, which eliminates the need for a side engine. Its Electronic Mix Control and Diagnostic System (EMCAD) manages power inputs and electronically controls material outputs to maintain the desired mix design. EMCAD displays current and average material ratios, total material used, and material application rates. Operators can calibrate the machine, control production rates, and simplify maintenance.

Direct-drive hydraulics are controlled by EMCAD, which monitors and adjusts material ratios automatically according to the set points of the ingredients, production control setting, and instantaneous feedback from the delivery system sensors.

The M310CS carries 10 cubic yards of aggregate, 630 gallons of both asphalt emulsion and water, and 80 gallons of additive. Aggregate is delivered to the pugmill by a 24-inch-wide belt-over-chain conveyor, which eliminates slippage, while the steep hopper walls minimize bridging problems.

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