Benson International

Staff | September 28, 2010

Benson 524 trailer An aluminum drop-deck trailer featuring a steel neck transition has been announced by Benson International. The model 524 trailer has a 37-foot lower deck and 11-foot upper deck, and the steel transition allows a concentrated load capacity of 52,000 pounds in a 4-foot span and 80,000 pounds evenly distributed. The rear deck’s height is 40 inches, and it has reinforced wheel cutouts for proper tire clearance. The new trailer uses welded-aluminum construction with extruded main frame rails and C-channel crossmembers on 16-inch centers, and a multi-hollow floor with three nailing strips. It is standard with a winch track on the driver’s side, LED lighting with sealed wiring, 22.5-inch tires, and aluminum wheels with 16.5- by 7-inch brakes with extended-service linings.