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Belt Scrapers Go Hi-Tech


Equipment Attachments

Argonics Inc., has developed belt scrapers that are made of specially formulated high performance polyurethane. Polyurethane is a compound of artificial and organic compounds providing outstanding physical properties that produce an advanced wear-resistant product and versatility of applications. It outperforms rubber, metal or plastic, especially in the belt scraper application, and at the same time eliminates the need to re-tension.

The strength of the scrapers is in the proprietary formulation of the polyurethane—a formulation that causes the blades to last 2 to 3 times longer than others and has the advantage of 60% less coefficient of friction than rubber. They also provide reduced drag on conveyors lowering horsepower use, and the nonporous surface does not collect material that can damage the belt.

The belt scrapers are available in a variety of formulations. In addition to the standard scraper, there are also flat dual-durometer scrapers available in which a harder portion scrapes rough material while a softer portion produces a squeegee effect, a "sandwich" version in which a softer, flexible layer of polyurethane is placed between two harder layers to provide heavy duty performance with flexibility, and an extremely tough scraper with ceramic wear beads embedded into a polyurethane matrix. Due to their longer life spans and rugged durability, polyurethane belt scrapers save considerable time and money for cement and aggregate applications. For more information, contact Argonics at [email protected] or call 906-226-9747, ext 240.







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