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Atlas Copco Upgrades BG245, BG375 Walk-Behind Trowels


Power Trowels, Walk-Behind

Atlas Copco Upgrades BG245, BG375 Walk-Behind Trowels

Upgraded BG245 and BG375 walk-behind power trowels replace the BG240 and BG370 models and feature an adjustable handle to enhance versatility, a maintenance stand to make servicing easy, and a centrifugal clutch for safe operations, the company says.

The BG245 weighs 130 pounds and is 24 inches in diameter, and the BG375 weighs 185 pounds and is 36 inches in diameter. The compact trowels are built for a wide range of projects, from sidewalks to driveways. The BG245 features a rubber-edged floating protection ring to prevent damaging walls on indoor work sites where a wall or other obstacle exists. The BG375’s larger size is designed for bigger outdoor applications such as driveways. Both trowels come standard with a gas-powered Honda engine.

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