Atlas Copco T35 E Drill Rig Has Extendable Boom

November 19, 2012
Atlas Copco T35 E Drill Rig Has Extendable Boom

PowerROC T35 E surface drill rig is an extandable-boom version of Atlas Copco’s T35 rig. An aluminum feed systems allows the rig to drill straighter holes than in previous models, the companys says. It uses a cylinder with cables that drives the rock drill cradle to provide more consistent ground contact with the drill bit.

Drilling and tramming controls are located in three separate areas on the machine. This allows operators to safely and efficiently run the T35 E in difficult environments. There is no need for the operator to stand next to the feed, resulting in less dust and noise exposure. A swing arm provides greater safety and comfort.

Accessible service points allow maintenance on the ground. Low overall height of the machine makes it simple to work with and easy to transport.