Atlas Copco SmartROC T35, T40 Drill Rigs

September 3, 2014

SmartROC T35 and T40 surface drill rigs are now available with a radio remote-control system that enables the drill to be operated either from the cabin or from “a safe distance from the hole,” says Atlas Copco. Adding the remote-control system, says the company, “safely extends rig utilization to uneven terrain” and allows all key functions to be performed, including tramming, setup, and drilling. Designed for use in construction and aggregate-production applications, the SmartROC T35 drills 2.5- to 4.5-inch-diameter holes, and the SmartROC T45 is capable of diameters from 3 to 5 inches. Maximum hole depth for each model is 92 feet. Equipped with a 225-horsepower engine that meets Tier 4 emissions standards, the new rigs are designed for optimum fuel efficiency, allowing the operator to adjust flushing-air volume and dust-collector fan speed to match the specific application. Options include a silencer kit that reduces sound levels 12dB(A) and a GPS-based hole navigation system that manages hole position, inclination, and depth.