Atlas Copco SB 702 Breaker

November 28, 2012
Atlas Copco SB 702 Breaker

Atlas Copco’s SB 702 hydraulic breaker has a solid body, which the company says is a feature no other breaker in the 1,500-pound class has.

The percussion mechanism and guide system are incorporated into a single block of steel, eliminating the need for side bolts. The low maintenance, integrated accumulator is easy to access, but protected from harsh work conditions, according to Atlas Copco. With a wide oil-flow range, the unit can be installed on a variety of carriers. A protection valve prevents damage to the breaker and helps avoid downtime in the event of a hydraulic overload. The SB 702 is also designed with double tool retainer bars to minimize stress and wear on the working tools. The patented retainer bar lock system and the floating lower bushing can be replaced by the operator on site with standard hand tools.

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