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A range of eight QAS mobile generators has been redesigned

August 22, 2017
Atlas Copco QAS 70 generator has been redesigned

A range of eight QAS mobile generators, covering power ratings from 25 to 330 kVA, has been redesigned, featuring availability in either trailer- or skid-mounted configurations; Isuzu, John Deere, or MTU Tier 4-Final engines; footprints up to 20 percent smaller than previous-generation models; and enclosures that are sound-attenuated and weather- and corrosion-resistant. A new controller has advanced warning and alert features, says Atlas Copco, and depending on the model, run time can extend to 40 hours on a tank of fuel. The company’s Power Management System coordinates generators running in parallel with load demands, starting and stopping units to accommodate increases or decreases in load.


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