Atlas Copco QAS 625 Generator

November 1, 2019
Photo shows Atlas Copco QAS 625 generator.
Atlas Copco QAS 625 generator has a power rating of 625 kVA.

The Atlas Copco QAS 625 mobile generator is the company’s largest, with a power rating of 625 kVA. It is powered by a 724-horsepower Volvo Penta Tier 4-F diesel that uses selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for exhaust aftertreatment.

The AREP alternator excitation system provides 300 percent overcurrent starting capabilities coupled to the engine’s capacity to stand a 100 percent load step.

Standard external fuel tank connections and dual fuel filters provide the ability to run extended periods without interruption in service. The internal 700-gallon fuel tank runs 27 hours. Camlocks and a battery charger also come standard.

A voltage selector switch provides simple voltage changes within seconds, eliminating time-consuming busbar voltage switching, according to the company.

Wire routing allows for easy access through large access doors and panels. An environmentally friendly spillage-free frame is standard across the QAS generator range. Additionally, the canopy is also corrosion-resistant and has a foam and layering system inside the doors for water-tightness and improved sound attenuation.

The QAS 625 generator can be linked up to 32 generators in parallel with a new state-of-the-art PMS parallel controller that includes a unique touchscreen display. The PMS controller manages the quantity of generators running in parallel with load demand, starting and stopping units in line with increases or decreases in load.

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