Atlas Copco QAS 250, 330 Generators

November 14, 2019
Atlas Copco QAS 330 generator is mounted on a trailer.
Atlas Copco QAS 330 is powered by a 399-horsepower Deere engine.

Atlas Copco has updated its QAS 250 and QAS 330 generators with a Tier 4-F John Deere 6090 engine, delivering 290 and 399 horsepower, respectively. Standard configuration is on a dual-axle trailer, and a skid-mounted option is available.

The AREP alternator excitation system provides startup power with 300 percent overcurrent starting capabilities coupled to the engine’s capacity to stand a 100 percent load step. The internal 385-gallon fuel tank runs for 34 hours at 75 percent load on the QAS 250 and 26 hours at 75 percent load on the QAS 330.

Wire routing is service friendly and allows for easy access through large access doors and panels. Heavy duty oil, air, and fuel filters extend the maintenance interval to 500 hours. The units offer 110 percent fluid containment.

The generators have an emergency stop for increased safety. A remote signal start and stop allows connection as a critical backup unit via a two-wire dry contact connection in the distribution panel.

Equipped with a DeepSea 7310 control module, the controller is fully diagnostic with its large three-inch display.

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