Atlas Copco LT5005, LT6005 Rammers

February 17, 2015
Atlas Copco LT5005, LT6005 Rammers

At 6 inches wide, the LT5005 rammer is 3 inches smaller than its predecessor and the LT6005 is 9 inches wide, 2 inches shorter than the previous model.

These designs enable operators to compact cohesive and granular soils in confined spaces, such as small trenches, ditches, backfills and foundations. The smaller size also makes it easy for operators to work close to walls or posts. The rammers have a rubber isolator on each side of the handle to absorb vibrations that would otherwise be transmitted to the operator. The rammers also feature a single lifting point that allows users to move them from hard-to-reach spaces with large machinery, such as a crane. A Honda GXR120 engine features an overhead camshaft and timing belt that operate with minimal noise, the company says.