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Atlas Copco LF60, LF75, LF100 Plate Compactors Feature Rounded Plates


Vibratory Plate Compactors

Atlas Copco LF75 vibratory plate compactor generates 3,372 pound feet.

Three plate compactors— LF60, LF75, and LF100—feature vibration-reduction handles and are lightweight for operation on soil and asphalt applications.

The units’ rounded plate design, along with a tubeless watering system, help prevent asphalt from sticking to the bottom of the plate, Atlas Copco says. Rounded edges also help the operators to turn in tight corners or near obstacles without leaving a mark. With a full water tank, the models range in weight from 140 pounds on the LF60 to about 260 pounds on the LF100. The LF60 generates as much as 2,338 lb.-ft. of force; the LF75 generates 3,372 lb.-ft.; and the LF100 generates as much as 3,822 lb.-ft.