Atlas Copco HiLight V4 and HiLight V5+ Light Towers with Kubota Tier 4-Final Engines

January 15, 2016
Atlas Copco HiLight V4 light tower is lightweight, compact

The HiLight V4 and the LED HiLight V5+ light towers are lightweight, compact and feature the company’s exclusive HardHat canopy for rugged applications such as construction and road building.

The HiLight V5+ uses LED bulbs and the HiLight V4 features four metal-halide floodlights. LED floodlights are rated for 10,000 hours, Atlas Copco says, and contractors with a fleet of 200 light towers, for example, can save as many as 600 bulbs each year when switching from metal-halide light towers to the HiLight V5+. The retractable, vertical mast on the HiLight V4 and HiLight V5+ make them easy to transport. The vertical mast design, coupled with the compact Kubota Tier 4-Final engine, results in a small footprint.