Atlas Copco EC Breakers

February 18, 2015

Atlas Copco has added three hydraulic breaker attachments to its Essential Case-Mounted (EC) range to fit 22- to 49-ton carriers.

The Heavy Range breaker attachments are the EC 140 T, EC 150 T, and EC 155 T. They feature the company’s box-style mounting systems, which eliminate the need for removing external fasteners to access components. The attachments are as light as 4,000 pounds and generate impact rates as high as 800 bpm. A nitrogen piston accumulator works with the hydraulic oil to accelerate the piston, which decreases the hydraulic oil demand from the carrier’s hydraulic systems. An Energy Recovery system minimizes hydraulic pressure spikes and captures reflected energy within the hydraulic accumulator to increase the impact performance of the next blow.

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