Atlas Copco Construction Tools

September 28, 2010

Atlas Copco BP 2900 demolition toolThe new BP 2900 bulk pulverizer attachment from Atlas Copco Construction Tools is designed for light-to-medium building demolition, secondary concrete reduction and material separation. It provides 399 tons of maximum cutting force and 125 tons of crushing force at the jaw tip. With a service weight of 6,460 pounds, the bulk pulverizer operates at a maximum pressure of 5,075 psi, accepts a maximum hydraulic flow of 92 gallons per minute, and is suitable for carriers in the 25- to 35-metric-ton weight class. The tool has an angular design with a 37.4-inch jaw opening and an 18.9-inch working width, allowing it to handle large heaps of concrete debris. The unit hydraulically rotates 360 degrees, and a built-in rotation-protection system is designed to reduce stress on the carrier. Replaceable teeth and tooth plates on the jaws allow maintenance in the field, and the unit’s replaceable blades cut rebar as the tool penetrates through concrete. The blades are also reversible.