Atlas Copco

September 28, 2010

Atlas Copco ROC D3 RCC hydraulic rock drill with radio remote controlAtlas Copco has adapted its proven radio remote control (RRC) systems to build into the ROC D3-01 RRC and the ROC D3-03 RRC rock drilling rigs. Rod handling on the ROC D3-01 RRC 01 manages up to five 12-foot rods. The compressor can deliver up to 200 cubic feet per minute of free air. The ROC D3-03 RRC has a long folding boom with an optional rod rack for manual rod adding and an optional rod-adding system to enable the addition of a single extension rod. The 03’s compressor can push 170 cubic feet per minute of free air. Both new ROC D3 RRC models are powered by a 156-horsepower Cummins diesel and offer two rock drill options: the 16-horsepower COP 1240 and the 21-horsepower COP 1640.