Atlas Copco

September 28, 2010

Atlas Copco ROC F9C SmartRig hydraulic rock drillThe new Atlas Copco ROC F9C SmartRig hydraulic rock drill has a GPS system to guide operators to shot locations without need for painting the bench, and once the rig is set the on-board computer takes over drill operations to make fast, consistent holes. Operators can pre-plan shots by entering hole spacing, burden, depth and blast angle on a personal computer. They then load a memory card into the ROC F9C controller. Laying out shot patterns digitally allows precise control of shot material size. Pushing a single button engages automated drilling. The SmartRig computer adjusts impact power and feed pressure to suit rock conditions for smoother drilling and reducing stress on the drill steel. The drill adds steel and completes a hole to the predetermined depth without the operator touching controls. The system documents performance for better planning and accountability. The ROC F9C drills holes between 3½ to 5 inches in diameter and up to 98 feet deep.