Atlas Copco

September 28, 2010

Atlas Copco MB 1500 Hydraulic BreakerCompleting Atlas Copco’s medium-duty family of hydraulic breakers, the MB 1500 is suited to carriers in the 17- to 29-metric-ton weight range, accepting hydraulic input flow of 32 to 41 gallons per minute at operating pressures of 2,320 to 2,610 pounds per square inch. The AutoControl monitoring system allows the 3,310-pound breaker to adapt its frequency and power output to match operating conditions, first by firing a stroke at half-power to create a pilot notch to center the working tool and prevent unnecessary tool slippage. StartSelect allows breaker start-up and shut-off to be adjusted to fit jobsite conditions, while the VibroSilenced damping system helps to alleviate excess noise and vibration. ContiLube II is an automatic lubrication system mounted directly on the Atlas Copco breaker.