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Astec Pro DD 4045 HDD

The latest addition to the Astec HDD family, the EarthPro DD-4045 combines 40,000 pounds of thrust/pullback with 4,500 pounds-per-foot of rotary torque.

November 03, 2009

The latest addition to the Astec Underground line of horizontal directional drills, the EarthPro DD-4045 offers 40,000 pounds of thrust/pullback and 4,500 pounds-per-foot of rotary torque. Introduced at the ICUEE trade show, the Cummins-powered, 156-horsepower DD-4045 boasts a two-speed carriage capable of adding or removing pipe from the spindle at 140 feet per minute. A patented ES!LOK exit-side lockout system works independently from the locating equipment. Also standard is a Zap Alert system.

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Astec officially entered the concrete business in December 2008 with formation of its Concrete Products Group around modular applications of its twin-shaft mixer, a plant capable of producing low-slump and conventional concrete in a continuous process.

Adapted from Astec Underground's horizontal directional drills, a dual rack-and-pinion design drives the new EarthPro Geothermal 4550 drill rig.

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