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Rod Sutton, Editor in Chief | September 28, 2010

Rod Sutton, Editor in Chief
Rod Sutton, Editor in Chief 

Fleet managers have always appreciated the machines they manage. That fascination and love for iron is evident in every conversation we've had with them. But today, the admiration is coupled with strong commitment to asset management. Of course, the right machine still has to be able to do the right job at the right time and place. That will never change. But managers must also keep track of how each machine performs and what it's costing the company to operate. Machines are now considered financial assets rather than multimillion-dollar tools on tracks.

Performance management has been enhanced in recent years by machine electronics. Engine performance, for example, is effectively controlled by on-board computers. And recently, these on-board systems have become more proficient at communicating with other components, including hydraulic systems and hydrostatics. Electronics enable engine, hydraulics and transmission to work smoothly and provide optimum machine performance.

Electronics have also evolved to new levels of sophistication in machine control and site management with the ongoing advances in GPS technology. Accurate grading and efficient machine utilization give distinct advantages to those who understand and implement this technology. We've heard stories of tremendous savings as well as increased speed and accuracy as site-mapping and machine-control technology brings new efficiencies to dirt work.

We're pleased to announce another electronics evolution: the Webinar. Next month,, in association with Topcon and Trimble, will present a live panel discussion of GPS and Machine Control Technology, featuring earthmoving companies that are using this exciting technology on the job. After the panel discussion, we'll open it up for questions so the industry will have an opportunity to learn even more about how the technology is used.

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