Asphalt Products Take Center Stage

By Diana Granitto, Contributing Editor | September 28, 2010

Ingersoll Rand

High-frequency, high-amplitude compactors — available in three models — feature SMART drum technology. Eight amplitude settings automatically adjust to the highest frequency for that amplitude selection, enabling use of lower amplitudes with higher frequency on thinner lifts and higher amplitude with lower frequency on thicker lifts and stiffer materials. This flexibility serves the function of two compactors in one. The vibration system automatically adjusts vibration frequency for both drums to the design frequency for the given amplitude.

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The new model AP-1000D high-production, 10-foot wheel-type asphalt paver features a Cat C7 engine incorporating ACERT technology; dual swing-out operator stations that can be rotated into four different positions; a hydrostatic propel system that provides three propel modes; and a high-capacity cooling package. The material-handling system uses independent feeder and auger controls. The hopper has a 12.2-metric-ton capacity and includes power dumping controlled from the operator stations.

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Magma melter/applicator compressors in 110-, 230- and 410-gallon capacities are designed for high-volume, high-production jobs. Crack cleaning and crack sealing are performed in a one-pass operation with heavy-duty compressors that output 100 psi. Oil in the inner wall of a jacketed tank is heated with a burner and an agitator keeps the melted sealant flowable. A recirculation feature ensures uniform sealant temperature, and a convection system draws asphalt fumes back into the burner exhaust.

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Offering high-vibration frequency combined with low amplitude, the CC432 tandem roller is suitable for thin asphalt layers with high stone content. It features 66-inch split drums, two 158-gallon corrosion-free water tanks, 61-gallon fuel tank, sprinkler timer and sprinkler backup system, standard asphalt temperature meter, three-step filtering system for sprinkler water, and rear drum offset up to 10 inches in either direction. Dynapac says there is excellent operator visibility of drums, spray bars and scraper system.

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The BW24RH pneumatic-tired roller offers a hydrostatic-drive system that provides infinitely variable speed control from 0 to 12 mph and smooth transitions between forward and reverse. Two-point steering pivot on the front four tires allows for sequenced steering. With a fully ballasted operating weight of 52,911 pounds, the machine delivers a maximum per-wheel load of 6,614 pounds and provides 80 inches of coverage with a 2-inch tire track overlap.

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Terex Roadbuilding

The 50,800-pound CR662RM RoadMix material transfer vehicle (MTV) features rubber tracks that spread the vehicle load over a broad surface, reducing ground pressure so it can work on base and top courses. Terex says the CR662RM, with augers in the receiving hopper, is the first and only MTV to reblend 100 percent of the asphalt. When the unit is not needed as an MTV, the rear conveyor assembly can be removed and replaced with any Terex ¦ Cedarapids screed, allowing it to be used as a paver.

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Asphalt compactors to be displayed range from the 13-ton, 78-inch-wide, double-drum HD O120V oscillation roller to the company's smallest unit, the HD 10, with an operating weight of 5,690 pounds and drum width of 39 inches. The HD O120V reportedly is the largest compactor in North America to use exclusive oscillation technology that works hot-mix asphalt from side to side. At the other end of the scale, the double-drum vibrating HD 10 is intended for small projects such as driveways.

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Trail King

Advantage Series Live Bottom asphalt trailer increases payload by more than 2,000 pounds in a lightweight, modular design without compromising strength, says the manufacturer. Sixty-degree sloped walls reduce load segregation during transport and eliminate bridging problems. A heat- and oil-resistant two-ply rubber continuous belt moves the entire load to the rear for discharge. The 36-inch belt, attached to patented steel slats, moves via a self-lubricating double-pitch roller chain on steel tracks.

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New SP-200 asphalt spray paver lets contractors spray asphalt cement or emulsion (tack) directly in front of the asphalt mix before it is laid for NovaChip applications or traditional paving. Spraying the tack seconds before asphalt is laid provides a strong bond between existing surface and new pavement. The gravity-fed paver has a heated 2,100-gallon asphalt cement/emulsion tank and three rows of spray nozzles. Flow rate can be controlled by an onboard microprocessor. The SP-200 eliminates the need for separate tack trucks.

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New Model CR270, a 35.4-inch-wide compact vibratory asphalt roller, delivers high-frequency 4,000 vpm and achieves 10 impacts per foot at 4.55 mph ground speed. Features include hydrostatic transmission, dual-drive drums, adjustable spring-loaded scraper bars, articulated center-pivot steering, short wheelbase for maneuverability and a high-capacity reservoir with rustproof tanks. It is designed for small asphalt applications such as bicycle paths, parking lots, driveways, road widening and patchwork.

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The new WolfPac 4100 is a 40-inch-wide, double-drum-drive asphalt roller facilitates compaction of base, binder and finish coats in confined areas. An electro-hydraulic circuit combined with a custom-designed manifold allows the operator to direct vibration to front, rear or both drums. With 4,O00 pounds of impact per drum, the roller is ideal for driveways, parking lots and more. Other features include centerpoint articulation, short wheelbase, high curb and minimum wall clearance, and pressurized water system with gravity-feed back-up. Ergonomic advantages include vibration isolation, adjustable safety seat and tilted steering wheel.

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The Poly Bolt-On track pad, a two-piece polyurethane track pad that bolts directly to a steel triple grouser, is offered for use with milling machines, asphalt or concrete pavers, or other track vehicles. Replacement of the polyurethane track pad can save up to 50 percent in replacement labor costs. The steel grouser is a one-time purchase.

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On display will be an authentic replica of a complete hot-mix-asphalt facility, hand-built by fabricators on the equipment manufacturer's team. Designed on a one-eighth scale with silos more than 11 feet tall, the award-winning model is constructed from the same materials and painted the same colors as the equipment it represents.

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Mountain Valley

Stehr SKF 950 manhole cutter enables one worker to cut approximately 15 shafts per hour. A wide range of cutter head sizes accommodates various applications, including new road construction, surface repair, raising manholes and detail mill around manholes. Grinder chisels offer an average service life of 40 cuts and can be easily replaced. The dry-cut process uses no water.

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Shoulder Wedge Maker (SWM) mounts on the screed extension face against the end gate of any asphalt paver brand to form a compacted tapered edge fillet at an angle less than 45 degrees. The SWM leaves a smooth, beveled surface for safe re-entry of a vehicle to the travel lane. An integral self-adjusting spring allows the device to follow the roadside surface independently. SWM kit includes wedges and mounting hardware for left and right sides of the paver.

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DCS6000 compaction plate extends to 36 inches below the surface into trenches. The trench compactor was designed to eliminate delayed, uneven settling left from conventional compacting methods following trench work. Dual counterweight design delivers 6,000 pounds of vertical compaction force directly into the trench. It is available in 16-, 18- or 24-inch widths and attaches to any skid-steer loader equipped with a quick attach.

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Eagle Crusher

New to the UltraMax Series is the 1600–69 high-volume primary/secondary impact crushing and recycling plant. The self-contained, portable crusher processes a variety of feed material at a capacity of 800 tons per hour. Three-stage crushing action achieves reduction ratios exceeding 24:1. The UM 1600–69 features a 68-inch by 20-foot feeder and a 13-ton, three-bar, sculptured solid-steel rotor.

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Power Curbers

Model 150 extruder is a flexible unit that extrudes curb up to 12 inches high by 12 inches wide at speeds up to 18 feet per minute on either the right or left side. A continuous, one-pass operation can turn a smooth radius as tight as 2 feet. Offset mounted mold and extrusion auger enable curb to be placed within 1 inch of obstructions. Wheels adjust vertically and horizontally. The extruder features front carriage steering assembly and a steering "T" handle.

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Two new Mauldin SuperPaver models offer single-stage extension (45 inches per side), Power-Glide guides, ultrasonic material feed, high-rise spring-loaded endgates and power extending feed tunnels. The 12,500-pound 1550-C features an 8- to 13-foot vibratory screed with four-auger material feed system, 60-hp Deere diesel engine for paving speeds to 140 fpm, and hopper capacity of 6.5 tons. Weighing 15,700 pounds, the 1750-C is available with optional Silver 16 screed that provides a uniform mat from 8 to 16 feet wide and 6 inches deep.

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