Asphalt Equipment at World of Asphalt

By Diana Granitto, Contributing Editor | September 28, 2010


 AP Cold Planer skid-steer attachment





The AP Cold Planer skid-steer attachment features an open drum said to increase productivity and reduce re-milling, dust, noise and uneven cuts; a front-down design that contains debris and in the milled strip; a center pivot that transfers the host machine's weight directly over the center point of the drum; and a direct-drive high-torque motor. Available in width sizes from 12 to 48 inches, with one- or two-speed motor and electric or hydraulic control options.

 Evertire bolt-on track pads




Evertire bolt-on track pads, designed for maximum performance on high-production cold-mil-ling planers, are made of wear-resistant rubber of high elasticity that absorbs shock and reduces noise. The pads are easily installed and replaced by bolting them to the grouser from behind. Chamfered edges reduce drag to allow smooth moving and turning.

 Black-Topper Centennial asphalt distributor


E.D. Etnyre


For safe handling of hot materials, the Black-Topper Centennial asphalt distributor delivers accurate liquid-asphalt applications with fingertip control of distributor functions and computer-controlled spray. The unit features custom-built tank sizes and is available with large cross-section spray bar or fully cab-controlled variable width sliding bar. Also on display will be Blackhawk construction equipment hauling trailers and Falcon live-bottom trailers and truck-mounted bodies.

 PF-6110 highway-class track-mounted paver


Ingersoll Rand


The PF-6110 highway-class track-mounted paver improves control of material flow using an auger system that is independent of the conveyor system. Auger and conveyor drives use sonic sensors. Conveyor system chains are automatically tensioned and feature self-cleaning covers. Reversible augers and conveyors are optional. Hopper capacity of 14.4 tons yields a production rate of 820 tons per hour. Screed width is 10 feet, and maximum paving width is 26 feet.

 CB-564D double-drum vibratory asphalt compactor




The CB-564D double-drum vibratory asphalt compactor features the Versa Vibe vibratory system, which offers four amplitude selections and two frequencies for a choice of high amplitude or high frequency in one machine. The water spray system features a polyethylene water tank enclosed within the machine frame, an automatic two-pump system that maintains even pump usage for uniform life, and constant and infinitely variable intermittent spray settings. Also on display will be the RM-500 rotary mixer and CB-200 Series utility asphalt compactors.

 Magma Series melter/applicator




The second generation Magma Series melter/applicator line incorporates a new hose design, new wand construction and improved external pump design. The crack sealers are available in 110-, 230-, and 410-gallon models. Additional pavement-maintenance products to be exhibited include spray injection pothole patchers and seal-coating systems.

 Tufpads Blues track pads




Improvements have made polyurethane Tufpads Blues track pads 15 to 30 percent more durable than their black polyurethane predecessors, according to BLS. Designed for rough applications such as asphalt milling, the track pads are available in the original bonded style and the more economical bolt-on to a steel grouser. Contractors who select the Poly Bolt-On style will not need to replace the steel grouser, just the polyurethane pad, thus reducing replacement-part costs, labor time, and shipping weight.

 Ames Engineering


Ames Engineering


Profilers use state-of-the-art smoothness measuring technology that reportedly provides accurate and repeatable measurements when compared to true rod-and-level profiles. The Deere Gator-based lightweight mobile measuring device is the first to be Texas-certified and anticipates national certification via AASHTO PP 51-02.

 Model 4413 self-propelled asphalt paver




Model 4413 self-propelled asphalt paver uses a 60-hp turbocharged diesel engine said to deliver 40 percent more output torque than the engine on the previous model. The load-sensing hydraulic system saves fuel by delivering power only when needed. The undercarriage uses welded-steel crawler style components. The machine offers paving widths from 8 to 13 feet and can push asphalt feeder trucks while maintaining working speeds up to 160 feet per minute.

 Paver System Five


TSD Integrated Controls


Paver System Five offers fast, accurate screed control for high productivity and smoothness on asphalt or concrete-paving jobs, according to the manufacturer. The controller can be used alone or with the SmoothTrac sonic averaging system.





Asphalt rollers and accessories line includes double-drum vibratory asphalt rollers that deliver 4,000 vibrations per minute high frequency; the GW750 vibratory pneumatic tire roller; combination steel wheel/pneumatic tire rollers; and balanced three-wheelers. The ExactCompact model, which enables the operator to maintain impact spacing on the run to prevent under- or over-compacting, will be demonstrated. A push-button control is used to preset the desired target figure.

 WolfPac ride-on asphalt roller




Designed to provide compaction in confined areas, WolfPac ride-on asphalt rollers feature hydrostatic drive, power steering, non-corrosive water systems, and high-capacity fuel and water tanks. Four models range from a 1-1/4 ton static roller for small patching and paving jobs to a high-volume, double-drum drive/vibration road machine with a 47-inch-wide footprint. Also exhibited will be the Silver Fox SFA3500, a forward plate compactor that delivers 3,500 pounds of eccentric force.

 Model W 120 F




Two mid-sized asphalt cold-milling machines will be introduced. Model W 120 F features a milling width of 4 feet, provides front-end loading of RAP via a larger two-part conveyor system, cuts to 12.6 inches deep, and can be equipped with wheels or crawler tracks. Model W 60, which cuts to 11.8 inches deep, features a flexible rear loader suited for trench and channel digging work. Also displayed will be Vögele asphalt pavers and Hamm asphalt compactors, including the new "Vibration Front, Vibration Rear" models.





A 4-foot milling machine with a rear-mounted drum, the RX-400 is designed for commercial work and other projects requiring a compact machine. The operator can begin the cut directly in front of curbs, fences, walls or other obstructions. RX-400 offers milling widths of 2, 3 and 4 feet and a maximum cut depth of 12.5 inches. Powered by a 325-hp Cat engine, the machine features a 60-degree conveyor swing to either side of center.

 Stehr Manhole Cutter SKF 950


Mountain Valley Equipment


Stehr Manhole Cutter SKF 950 is a skid-steer attachment for new road construction as well as surface repaving and repair. The machine enhances productivity by dry cutting through asphalt at the rate of 1 inch per minute, with a cutting depth up to about 1 foot. A single operator can produce up to 15 manholes per hour. Carbide-tipped cutter teeth have a life span of about 40 cuts and can be replaced quickly and economically. Bit sizes range from 18 to 55 inches.

 Rosco Maximizer 3 asphalt distributor




The Rosco Maximizer 3 asphalt distributor features a hydraulically controlled, continuously variable spray bar that can be extended in 4-inch increments to 16 feet wide. Spray operations are performed from within the cab using a computerized system that matches the pump output to the distributor speed via radar speed-sensing equipment. The spray bar can be drawn in or out during operation for maneuvering around obstacles. Tank sizes range from 1,100 to 4,100 gallons.

 SQI Soil Quality Indicator


TransTech Systems


New to the line of asphalt testing instruments, paver and compactor accessories is the patented SQI Soil Quality Indicator, a non-nuclear soil gauge that employs electrical impedance spectroscopy in a fast, easy-to-use surface measuring instrument. The device measures soil density and moisture to assess the durability of soil sub-base for road bases, embankments, fills, dams, foundations and more.

 AR Series tandem and combination vibratory roller




AR Series tandem and combination vibratory rollers are available in 10 diesel-powered models with drum widths from 31 to 51 inches and centrifugal forces ranging from 2,925 to 10,790 pounds. Standard features include folding ROPS, dual frequency and amplitude, back-up alarms, noise attenuation, 100 percent side clearance through full flush drums, and lockable instrument panels.

 Model XL 4300-II excavator




Model XL 4300-II excavator offers a tilting, telescoping boom and wheeled mobility on and off paved surfaces. High-pressure, load-sensing hydraulics automatically deliver the appropriate power and cycle times for the job. Low-profile boom enables the excavator to work under bridges and in tunnels. The boom's 220-degree tilting action serves on hard-to-reach sloped surfaces. Rated in the 45,000-pound class, the excavator features a maximum digging depth of nearly 21 feet and bucket breakout force of 25,449 pounds.

 Double Barrel combination aggregate dryer and HMA drum mixer




Double Barrel combination aggregate dryer and HMA drum mixer can run up to 50 percent reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) without using additional fuel and virtually eliminates blue smoke emissions, says the manufacturer. The thermally efficient design transfers heat from the dryer shell through the tips and shanks into the asphalt mix. The long mixing chamber and stationary outer shell allow adding ingredients sequentially, creating a more consistent mix.