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Ashland 2014CS Pull Scraper

The 2014CS scraper cuts 14-feet wide and has a 20-yard capacity.

April 20, 2016

The 2014CS scraper cuts 14-feet wide and has a 20-yard capacity. Made with 16-inch high-strength front pipe and 100,000ksi steel, the front section, hitch and pole have improved durability, the company says. The apron cylinder horsehead support is now completely integrated into the panelized boxed structure of the pole. For strength and abrasion resistance, AR450-grade steel is used in “key areas” of the bowl and double-plated floor. The rear section uses an exclusive fabricated truss system, the company says.

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Ashland's Ground Hog 2500 is a "one-of-a-kind" scraper attachment that mounts to a skid-steer's quick attach and is pushed in front of the loader. The bowl moves three to four times the material per load than the loader's bucket, distributing weight onto the attachment's castering front wheels. All scraper functions — cut, carry and dump — are controlled by a single hydraulic valve.

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