Anbo Extractor

March 7, 2013
Anbo Extractor

Anbo Manufacturing says its Extractor is a ripper designed to dig up large rocks and stumps with the least amount of force or soil disturbance.

With only two hardened steel tines, the attachment can dig deep into the ground easily and efficiently, zeroing-in on the material that needs to be removed, while leaving most of the soil in place. By equipping the tool with AR-400 steel tines that are intricately serrated, roots can be cut down deep. AR-400 steel is the same steel the US Army uses for armor plating vehicles, according to the company. The unit’s design includes a rounded bottom for added strength and increased leverage; there is no need to rely solely on the machine’s breakout force. The Extractor can be easily mounted to almost any tractor, skid steer or wheel loader with pin-on or quick-attach mounts.

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