American Augers, Trencor Sold Through Ditch Witch

February 23, 2021
Ditch Witch logo.

American Augers and Trencor Products will now be sold through the Ditch Witch Division. The Ditch Witch Division will offer the full product lines, parts, and service for both the American Augers and Trencor brands. Dealership and factory personnel have been working together to prepare for distribution of the brands through the worldwide Ditch Witch dealer channel. The manufacturing of Ditch Witch products will remain in Perry, Oklahoma, and American Augers and Trencor products will continue to be built in West Salem, Ohio.

American Augers began in 1970, manufacturing horizontal direction drills ranging from 110,000 to 1.1 million pounds of thrust and pullback; auger boring machines, including a 600,000-pound electric unit; mud pumps and cleaning systems. Trencor manufactures mechanically driven trenchers and rugged surface miners with upwards of 950 HP. The brand got its start in 1945.