American Augers M-300D Cleaning System

October 5, 2017
300-gpm fluid-cleaning capability supports any make of 60- to 100-ton horizontal directional drill.

The M-300D HDD fluid-cleaning system, based on the company’s portable M-200 platform, is designed to use a small trailer size to lower registration and excise-tax requirements, while having a 300-gpm fluid-cleaning capability to support any make of 60- to 100-ton drill. The small footprint and ultra-quiet operation make the M-300 fluid cleaning system ideal for use in urban and suburban locations, says the company..

The system’s 300-gpm flow rate is achieved through “next-level” cleaning-system technology, which is based on a single-derrick shaker design and four screens using patented Pyramid technology, resulting in 0.5 percent  sand or less in fluid returned to the hole. Other M-300 features include a tank agitation system that keeps all solids suspended in the tank and three function-dedicated pumps.