Allmand Bros. Port A Lite Balloon Lites

September 28, 2010
Allmand Bros.  Port A Lite Balloon Lites

Allmand’s three new Port-A-Lite Balloon-Lite models are designed for high illumination levels with minimum glare. The BL 2000 TH uses an instant-on 2,000-watt tungsten halogen bulb and produces 33,000 lumens of illumination. The BL 1000 MH and BL 2000 MH are more powerful, with energy-efficient metal halide lamps. One 1,000-watt metal halide lamp produces 110,000 lumens in the BL 1000 MH, and two 1,000-watt lamps combine for 220,000 lumens in the BL 2000 MH. An umbrella-like steel spring system keeps the balloon open at all times without the need for air or gas pressure. Tripods for the Balloon-Lite are offered in heights of 11, 15.4, 18 and 27 feet. A 14.7-foot auto hitch mount is also available.