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Allmand Bros. Adds Air Compressors

Adds two new Maxi-Air compressor models, MA185 and MA400

June 20, 2017
Allmand Bros. adds MA185 and MA400 Air Compressors

Allmand Bros. has expanded its product offering to include portable air compressors. The new Maxi-Air compressor models, MA185 and MA400, the latter available only in Canada, feature a heavy-duty, over-sized rotary-screw air end and provide a free-air delivery of 185 and 400 scfm, respectively, at a maximum working pressure of 120 psi. According to Allmand Bros., two 3/4-inch “Chicago-style” fittings enhance utility by providing high air output. The MA185 uses a 48-horsepower Tier 4-Final Yanmar engine and has an operating weight of 2,450 pounds; the MA400 uses a Tier 3 Isuzu engine and has an operating weight of 5,000 pounds.

According to the manufacturer, a high-capacity cold-start battery increases cold-cranking amperage to ensure easy starting, and sound-attenuated airflow reduces operating noise to 63 dB(A). Large-capacity fuel tanks require fueling only every 8 hours, says the manufacturer, and an electric fuel-primer/air-bleed pump facilitates restarting. All fluids are plumbed to the curbside edge of the enclosure for maintenance access, and an externally mounted water separator filter is included.

The heavy-duty steel enclosure and the frame of the undercarriage have powder-coat paint, and the enclosure features stainless-steel hardware to resist corrosion, says Allmand Bros. The units use wear 15-inch tires and provide an adjustable coupler channel to allowing towing the trailer level with the ground.



other Allmand Bros., Inc. products

Allmand has expanded its current line of diesel light towers with the introduction of the Night-Lite NL5000 60Hz light tower.

Maxi-Heat MH500iQ features MCS dual heat exchangers that produce a maximum of 1,000,000 combined BTUs.

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