Allison Automatic Transmissions

September 28, 2010

Recent test results show fully automatic Allison Transmission, Inc. transmissions, along with a vehicle spec that is appropriate for the particular duty cycle, can provide superior fuel efficiency and optimum fuel economy.

The Transportation Research Center (TRC), an independent, third-party test facility located in East Liberty, OH, recently completed Fuel Consumption Testing commissioned by Allison. For the test, TRC was provided two equally spec'd medium-duty trucks; one equipped with an Allison 2200 HS and the other with a comparable automated manual.

During acceleration, an Allison Automatic provides smooth, seamless full-power shifts to put engine power to the ground in the most fuel-efficient way. With full-power shifts, fleet managers will recognize higher average speeds versus manual or automated manual transmissions. Higher average speeds over a day mean the Allison Automatic accomplishes more work for the fuel utilized.

This is in-line with how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as part of its SmartWay Program, is formulating a test protocol proposal to measure the fuel efficiency of medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles for the first time. According to industry reports, the EPA's fuel consumption metric for this test would be fuel consumed per amount of work performed, which is not the same thing as simply miles-per-gallon (MPG).