Staff | September 28, 2010

Allied-Gator MTR 160 Multi-Tool demolition attachmentThe Allied-Gator MTR 160 Multi-Tool attachment, weighing 44,000 pounds, is designed for the second member of carriers with operating weights of 215,000 pounds or more, and for the third member of carriers with operating weights of 300,000 pounds or more. The MTR 160’s Shear Jaw Set delivers 2,100 tons of force, has a jaw opening of 42 inches, and a throat depth of the same dimension. The Cracker/Crusher Jaw Set opens to 73 inches and provides a throat depth of 50.5 inches. The new tool has a 360-degree continual-rotation capability, and on carriers providing a hydraulic flow of 225 gpm, the tool has a six- second closing cycle and a five-second opening cycle. Allied- Gator’s Quick-Change jaw sets are designed for switching by the operator, in the field, in as little as 15 minutes. The Shear Jaw Set features weld-on, interchangeable solid and disposable shear-tip options to suit the specific requirements of the material and application.