By Heather Burlingame, Senior Production Editor | September 28, 2010

Allied-Gator MTR 90 Multi ToolAllied-Gator's new model MTR 90 Multi Tool equipped with the company's Shear Jaw Set has a 35-inch jaw opening, a 35-inch throat depth and delivers 1,500 tons of force for processing structural steel and scrap metal. The Shear Jaw Set also features disposable wear components, including the company's "Replaceable Tip," which ensures that excessive wear or damage to the tip cannot affect the shear knife or other critical areas of the tool. When the tool is fitted with Allied-Gator's Cracker/Crusher Jaw Set, it is capable of processing reinforced concrete and heavy cast material. The Cracker/Crusher Jaw Set opens to 56 inches and has a throat depth of 39 inches. Interchangeable, bolt-on tooth segments can be changed in less than five minutes, says the company, and allow the operator to regulate material size. Cracker Teeth penetrate heavily reinforced concrete and dense rock, while the Crusher Teeth pulverize concrete, allowing demolition and processing to occur simultaneously. Finish Teeth are designed to send a clean, flat, controlled crack through curbs and walls.