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Alliance Tire Group Galaxy EXR 300

March 11, 2014

The Alliance Tire Group (ATG) designs, engineers, and manufacturers three globally recognized tire brands—Alliance, Galaxy, and PrimeX—to provide, says ATG,  application-specific, purpose-built tires to key off-highway markets. With 2.600 SKUs, says the company, it provides an expansive range of off-highway tires.  Among the company’s newest products is the Galaxy EXR 300, designed, says ATG, with an aggressive tread for traction, featuring a large, wide center lug for optimum ground contact, stability, and ride quality. Sizes include 15.5-25 (12 PR), 17.5-25 (16 PR), 20.5-25 (16 PR), 20.5-25 (24 PR), and 23.5-25 (20 PR).