Alliance Calls for Infrastructure Investment on 3,000 Projects Totaling over $18 Billion and Creating 750,000 jobs

September 28, 2010

As the Democrat and Republican Conventions get underway, the Alliance for Improving America's Infrastructure is calling on Senators Barack Obama and John McCain as well as Members of Congress to support a new economic stimulus package to provide funding for the country's crumbling highways, bridges and transportation systems, potentially creating 750,000 jobs throughout the country within 90 days.

"Finding solutions to America's crumbling infrastructure is an issue that Senators Obama and McCain and Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle should embrace," said National Association of Manufacturers President John Engler. "There are 18 billion dollars in infrastructure projects across the nation that are ready to go - not 'roads to nowhere,' but projects that have been studied at length and validated beyond question. We must join together to find solutions to this crisis - and creating jobs by funding the 3,000 highway and transportation projects that are ready to begin immediately is a good place to start."

Based on a national survey conducted by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), there are more than 3,000 infrastructure projects nationwide, totaling over $18 billion, that are ready to be built. Once these projects are funded, it will be only three months before supplies are purchased and workers start receiving - and spending - their paychecks.

Lobbying Presidential Candidates, Congress

"Both presidential candidates, along with Congress, must not waste this critical opportunity to put the economy back on track by funding critical infrastructure projects in a stimulus bill, one of the most immediate and sustainable ways to shore up our struggling economy," said former Sen. Jim Talent, Honorary Chairman of the Alliance for Improving America's Infrastructure. "Investments in our country's roads, rails and bridges literally pay for themselves, creating a five-fold return in benefits to the state and national economy. For every billion dollars spent on infrastructure, 42,000 jobs are created or sustained, and more than $5.70 of economic benefits is generated for every dollar invested."

Formed under the leadership of the National Association of Manufacturers, the Alliance for Improving America's Infrastructure is partnering with congressional leaders, transportation officials, manufacturers, associations and citizens committed to upgrading and modernizing America's transportation infrastructure system. Improving our nation's infrastructure and transportation systems will save lives, improve the environment, and create jobs for generations to come. For more information go to

Projects Could Start in 30 to 90 Days

State transportation departments could award and begin more than 3,000 highway projects totaling approximately $18 billion within 30-90 days from enactment of federal economic stimulus legislation, according to a survey by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. In addition to the highway projects, 16 states also reported ready-to-go transit, rail and waterways projects identified by an asterisk.

Source: Alliance for Improving America's Infrastructure

Full Results of National AASHTO Survey
State Number of Projects Dollar Amount (in millions)
Alabama 128 $671.1
Alaska 7 $92.6
*Arizona 39 $790.0
Arkansas 107 $728.3
California 28 $800.0
Colorado 52 $395.1
*Connecticut 20  $728.5
*DC 1  $50.0
Florida 5  $675.0
Georgia 32 $397.3
Hawaii 6 $42.0
Idaho 11 $174.8
*Illinois 212 $831.4
Iowa 40  $152.0
*Kansas 126  $68.0
Kentucky 4 $200.0
Louisiana 208 $351.4
*Maine 15 $94.1
*Maryland 32 $94.6
*Massachusetts 59  $181.5
*Michigan 43  $257.0
Minnesota 30  $217.8
Mississippi 33  $176.2
*Missouri 127  $546.6
Montana 70  $116.0
Nebraska 5  $20.0
Nevada 4  $120.0
New Hampshire 11  $81.3
*New Jersey 7  $50.8
New Mexico 77  $1,400.0
*New York 40 $200.0
North Carolina 44  $231.4
North Dakota 90  $71.0
*Ohio 114  $299.3
Oklahoma 73  $146.4
Oregon 50 $251.2
*Pennsylvania 524  $1,300.0
Rhode Island 41 $102.0
South Carolina 58 $510.0
South Dakota 142 $181.0
Tennessee 74 $184.1
Texas 44 $1,800.0
Utah 84 $425.1
*Vermont 11 $62.6
Virginia 1 $101.9
West Virginia 67 $1,200.0
*Wisconsin 20 $35.0
Wyoming 55 $287.2
Total 3071 $17,891.6