Air-Dryer Gallery

Staff | September 28, 2010


Dryest Air Dryer is designed to economically provide clean system air and comes with integrated, turbo protection valve, governor, regeneration valve, muffler and heater. The air dryer is suitable for vehicles with high air consumption, such as mixers, dumps and refuse trucks. Its compact size and weight of 14 pounds is said to provide easier installation. Five-stage drying process removes up to 99 percent of contaminants in the compressor's air system and eliminates oil while maintaining high water-absorption capability.

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Meritor WABCOMeritor WABCO

System Series family of air dryers is said to be compact and lightweight for easy installation in the limited space available in today's aerodynamic vehicles. System Saver 1200, shown here, and 1800P air dryers function with normal brake systems, require no additional reservoirs, and provide increased drying capacity for heavier duty applications. Turbo cut-off valves with discharge line unloading are optional.

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Cyclone DuraDrain trailer water separator protects trailers from dragging brakes as well as frozen or clogged air lines. It keeps trailer, converter dolly and container chasses free of water and particulates that can slow down proper operation of brakes when they enter open glad-hands. Cyclone DuraDrain trailer water separator provides double protection from both liquids and particulates when installed in both the supply and control air lines.

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