AGL Pipe Laser

Staff | September 28, 2010

The new GradeLight 2700 by AGL has a 10.5-inch (267-millimeter) length and is ideal for fitting tight inverts and small pipe jacking pits. Applications include sanitary and storm sewers, tunneling and pipe jacking.

The 2700 will self-level over its +40 percent to -10 percent grade range. It can be powered by its Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack, alkaline batteries, or from a 12-volt DC source with an optional power cord.

Features of the new laser include a set of slide legs that cover multiple pipe sizes and an accessory target with a unique design. The target panel is mounted at the front of the base, not in the center, allowing the user to view it more easily at the front of the pipe. The target also has a magnetic base for attaching to trench box side walls, allowing better airflow to minimize refraction.