AGL GradoPlane 25 Laser

Staff | September 28, 2010

The new GradoPlane 25 dual grade laser from AGL offers long-range remote capability, and minus 5 to plus-25-percent grade capability that makes it ideal for precise grade control. It has fast, automatic self-leveling, even when inputting the maximum 25-percent grade. Operating diameter range is 2,500 feet (750 meters).

The new AGL dual grade laser has a unique flexible power system that provides over three weeks of operation. Two battery compartments accept various combinations of rechargeable packs and alkaline batteries. The unit switches to second battery source when power from the first source is low.

Two-way remote control speeds setup and operation, and can be used to put the laser in power-saving standby mode to extend battery life. Other laser features include easy, intuitive screen selections, even for advanced features; wind sensitivity settings; grade reverse on both axes; and beam masking to turn off the laser beam in specific quadrants to prevent interference with other crews on the site.