AEMP Foundation Awards First Technician Scholarships

By Staff | September 28, 2010

Scholarship Program Honors David Slezak

The AEMP Foundation was prepared to name its first scholarship recipient in April 2007. Tragically, Penn College student David Slezak died in an automobile accident in early May, before he knew he was to receive the award. The AEMP Foundation Trustees decided, with permission from David's parents, to award a special scholarship in 2008 in his memory. His parents were pleased and hopeful that David's memorial will inspire others to follow his path into equipment management.

The AEMP Foundation is proud to offer Technician Scholarships to assist students in accredited two-year technical education programs cover the cost of books and tuition. The program is designed to help address a technician shortage.

The AEMP Foundation recently awarded its first two scholarships to a pair of deserving students.

The AEMP Foundation's first technician scholarship was awarded to Matthew P. Trocinski, a 2007 graduate of Lanai High School in Lanai City, Hawaii. Matthew is attending Minnesota State College/Southeast Technical, and began his technical training after gaining construction industry experience.

During summer breaks, Matthew worked for Traylor Pacific doing a variety of jobs on construction sites and assisting with plotting cross sections, spreadsheets and topography maps using computer-aided design (CAD).

“We're thrilled to offer Matthew a technician scholarship,” says Bob Decker, chair of the AEMP Foundation. “We're currently reviewing a number of other applications and will be announcing additional recipients shortly. We're also continuing to accept applications for the 2007-2008 as well as the 2008-2009 academic years. I really encourage AEMP members to talk to their kids and take a look at the professional heavy equipment technician profession.”

The second technician scholarship has been awarded to Ian Stratton, a 2005 graduate of Christa McAuliffe Academy in Spencer, Ind. Ian delayed attending college because his father became disabled in 2005 and he wanted to help his parents by working to pay some of their bills.

Ian is studying diesel repair at Vincennes University and is relying on scholarships, loans and his own funds because his parents don't have the funds to pay for his education. His goal is to work in the diesel field and eventually have his own business.

Decker stressed the importance of members and supporters pledging money to the Foundation to help provide ongoing scholarships to the young students that would like to pursue the career in the heavy equipment technician industry. The industry has a great need for technicians, and the AEMP Foundation is committed to assisting children of AEMP members and employees of AEMP member companies to take advantage of this career opportunity.

Your contribution is tax deductible as the AEMP Foundation is a 501c-3 non-profit organization.