Ace Torwel Economizer Pickup V-Box Spreaders

March 8, 2015
Ace Torwel Economizer Pickup V-Box Spreaders

Ace Torwel's Economizer pickup V-box spreaders are now available with lightweight, rust-resistant polymer construction.

The model P185 1.8-yard-capacity poly spreader fits a 7-foot truck bed, and the model P210 2.1-yard-capacity spreader fits a standard 8-foot truck bed. Economizer Poly Electric Spreaders also come standard with wireless remote control that permits the operation of both motors independently for precise rate and pattern control. The programmable, variable-speed remote controller allows synchronization of the spinner and chain at different speeds, enabling application rates to precisely match the vehicle's velocity, the company says.  Multiple cruise control setting options are available. Learn more about snow removal equipment.