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4 Ways to Keep Sites Safe From Theft


Safety & Security

An infographic on construction theft

Construction site theft costs U.S. companies over $1 billion a year, according to the National Crime Information Bureau.

Security company Actuate has shared four ways to prevent the security issues that result in stolen trucks, equipment, and tools. They can also be employed, the company says, for PPE compliance and loitering alerts.

Video surveillance

Installing a 24-hour video surveillance system is a necessary step in ensuring proper onsite security. Surveillance cameras should, at the very least, encompass the site's entire perimeter.

Well-lit job sites

Good lighting makes a big difference, as a well-lit job site can deter would-be thieves from even considering committing a crime.

Pre-planned on-site deliveries

Make sure to coordinate with team members so that all deliveries are scheduled to take place only when authorized personnel are present.

AI video analytics

Advanced AI adds an additional layer to surveillance by enabling real-time detection and alerts while minimizing security costs.

Check out the infographic above for more statistics.

Source: Actuate


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