4 Steps to Take After Const. Accident

July 2, 2020
Ambulance illuminated at night.

While workers are required to wear protective gear to avoid getting injuries while working, accidents can still happen. Below are four steps to take following an accident on site:

  1. Seek medical attention: get first aid as you wait for an ambulance to arrive. Do not neglect minor injuries; sometimes you might be hit on the head, and since there are no external damages, you ignore it. However, this is not a good move to take, as you may have sustained internal injuries. As such, always ensure you seek medical attention in order to get the right treatment. 
  2. Inform your supervisor: explain to your supervisor how the accident happened, preferably in writing. Doing so will help you get the right compensation when the time comes. It will also help your supervisor know what other measures they can take to avoid any other accidents from happening in the construction sites.
  3. Gather evidence: gathering evidence is very important when it comes to construction site cases. If there were any witnesses on site, get their full names and their contact numbers. Also, ensure that you keep all your medical records from your doctor throughout the treatment process. 
  4. Hire a construction accident lawyer: after being involved in an accident, you will also need to be compensated for the medical bills that you may have incurred in your treatment process. A reputable construction accident lawyer can assist with the legal process.