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$3.3 Million in Infrastructure Improvements in Alexandria, LA

Today Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret joined Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce ...

April 15, 2009

Today Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret joined Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce President Elton Pody and local officials to announce $3.3 million in road improvements at the Coughlin Industrial Park, Alexandria, LA. The funding includes $2 million from the state government and $1.3 million from local sources.

"Today's announcement highlights the importance of state and local partners working together to remove barriers to business success," said Gov. Bobby Jindal. "This funding will not only secure the safety of Tioga school children, but it will also provide an economic boost to companies operating in Coughlin Industrial Park."

The park is home to several of the major industrial facilities located in Central Louisiana, including Procter & Gamble, Plastipak and Crest Industries. Currently, the primary entry and exit points for large trucks servicing these companies is located at Pardue Road, which runs in front of Tioga Elementary School. The $3.3 million project would create new entry and exits points to the park, improving access for these industrial facilities, as well as reducing environmental and safety risks for the school.

"This investment will retain jobs, provide a competitive boost to the companies operating at the park and help position these companies for potential expansions in the future," said Moret.

"We've been working on this project for several months and we are very thankful to the governor and LED for their continued support," said Pody. "This project will solve a logistical problem for Coughlin Industrial Park, as well as mitigate safety risks and protect jobs."

"Five years ago, we worked with LED and were successful in getting infrastructure to support a new liquids business onsite, effectively doubling our plant size and adding more than 185 new permanent jobs," said Bonnie Lemoine, Procter & Gamble, Louisiana external relations leader. "With that expansion came our suppliers Plastipak, Integrated Packaging and Calvary Industries along with more than 400 new permanent jobs. The current funding for infrastructure will retain the economic base of these and other businesses in the industrial park, as well as support the community for better routes for transportation."

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