XL Specialized Trailers XL 80 Trailer

March 19, 2015
XL Specialized Trailers XL 80 Trailer

The Flat Deck Extendable (FDE) trailer uses patented Extend-A-Trac technology to extend and retract the deck without hooking and unhooking air and electrical lines, the company says. It is rated at 80,000 pounds overall and 60,000 pounds concentrated in 10 feet when closed. The overall width is 102 inches; length is 53 feet and 91 feet when extended. Air-operatored lock pins have extension stops every 60 inches, and four six-inch greasable rollers assist the operation.

Three axle-spread options are available: 49-inch (with spring suspension only), 54-inch, or 60-inch. The 43-foot long rear deck features a 58-inch loaded deck height. This trailer’s 10-foot long front deck features a 24-inch king pin setting with 82-inch swing clearance, two-speed landing gear, a 49-inch fifth wheel height, and four stake pockets across the front channel for an optional DOT rated headboard.