Vermeer T1255III Terrain Leveler

September 21, 2016

The T1255III Terrain Leveler has a patented tilt-head milling attachment with top-down cutting action that can dig up to 21 inches deep and 144 inches wide. The teeth on top of the drum advance over the top of the surface, and operators can control material sizing by adjusting tooth penetration.

The direct-drive unit has a fully hydrostatic motor mounted to the side of the cutting head. The drum can cut an 80-degree high wall for slope stability, and an optional chain-drive drum can cut a 90-degree wall.

Other options include a dust-suppression system, and GPS machine control

Vermeer SmartTEC control software assists operators with adjustments to machine operation to help maximize machine performance.

The cab features an operator presence system that disengages the ground drive and cutting attachment if the operator leaves the seat. The machines are available with a rollover protective module (ROPM) and a falling object protective structure (FOPS) for working near a high pit wall. The pressurized cab has a filtered air system.

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