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Vermeer RTX100 Trencher


Drilling & Trenching

Vermeer RTX100 Trencher

With the intuitive VZ Steer system, minimal operator effort is required to control the direction of the new Vermeer RTX100 pedestrian trencher. When the machine’s in motion, the input and pace of the operator moving the handlebar will control the angle and sharpness of the turn, allowing the operator to maneuver in and out of confined spaces and around obstacles at will. This type of steering system eliminates the need for additional levers or steering wheels. The Vermeer RTX100 features interchangeable tires and tracks, which allow the pedestrian trencher to be configured for maximum productivity in varying ground conditions. With the ability to trench up to 36 inches in depth and 4 to 6 inches in width, the unit is powered by either a 13-horsepower Honda or 15-horsepower Kohler gas engine.

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